Bad Eating Habits and Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetic Diet

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you probably understand that your eating habits need to change. By controlling your diet, you have a better chance at maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar level is directly affected by the foods you eat.

If you choose to eat foods high in simple sugars or carbohydrates, you will obviously have a higher blood sugar level. There are specific bad eating habits you should avoid if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Avoid Regular Soda

Did you know that the number of carbohydrates in a 12 oz can of soda can be over 46 grams? That is more than some people eat for one meal. You should eliminate these drinks from your diet and replace them with healthier choices, like water or unsweetened tea.

There are also a number of sugar free sweeteners on the market today that you can use to sweeten drinks like tea or coffee. If you absolutely must have soda, you can switch to diet which contains no real sugar, only artificial sweeteners.

Forgo the Afternoon Sweets

Many people crave sweets like candy or pastries as a pick me up in the afternoon. This actually causes by a dip in blood sugar that makes the body crave more sugar for energy. Rather than giving in to the temptation, there are better choices you can make or things you can do to eliminate the sugary craving all together.

If you will eat six small meals throughout the day, instead of three large meals, your body will not have a chance to produce the craving. However, if this is not possible, you should replace the sugary treats with a more healthy choice. Have a yogurt cup or some fruit as a healthier choice.

Eat In

In most studies, it is found that one of the biggest influences on making healthy food choices is environmental. For example, most people seem to have problems making healthy choices when eating at fast food restaurants or at restaurants that offer buffets.

Most people feel to embarrassed or shy to ask for a food guide before making selections and often do not understand that one meal choice is often as much as a whole meal at home.

If you take the time to examine the food statistics of most fast foods options, you will see that one hamburger can have over 70 carbohydrates, and that’s before you even consider the fries. You need to consider eating in or at least choosing restaurants that offer healthier alternatives.

There Is Hope

While it may seem frustrating and unfair to have to watch what you eat and forgo tasty treats like cookies and ice cream whenever you want them, this is truly the best way to maintain a level blood sugar. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty food choices.

There are many ways to eliminate the sugar in foods. You can bake or cook with low calorie sweeteners or enjoy a natural sweet like fruit. If you count the sugars or carbohydrates in your diet on a daily basis you will find there are many ways to enjoy a tasty desert or even ice cream. You simply have to enjoy them as part of a balanced diet rather than as an extra treat.


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