Meal Plan for Diabetic Pregnant Women

Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that is characterized by elevated blood sugar levels. Diabetes during pregnancy is clinically referred to as gestational diabetes. Women with a history of diabetes are more likely to get affected by this condition. Both the mother, as well as the fetus could get affected in case of consistently high blood sugar levels, which is why pregnant women need to follow dietary regulations to lower the risk of complications. Following a meal plan that is specifically meant for diabetics can help one keep the blood glucose level under control.

The Meal Plan

It is important to be on a specific diet to get adequate nutrition from the foods that one consumes. Since your body becomes deficient or resistant to insulin, a proper diet is necessary that could bring down the blood glucose level. The diet plan basically restricts or eliminates the consumption of carbohydrates or glucose in any form. A sample of such a diet is explained below.


The nutritional requirement of the body is definitely high when you are pregnant. Thus, it is necessary to wisely increase the calories consumed. Make a 2500 meal plan with the help of healthy foods. In the morning, have a glass of skim milk mixed with prenatal protein powders. Use a product that has been recommended by your doctor. You can consume two slices of whole wheat brown bread, with margarine or peanut butter. Consumption of whole wheat pasta, oats, and cornflakes in small quantities is safe, because they contain simple carbohydrates. White bread, white flour, and refined sugar is strictly restricted from the plan. Sugar replacement agents or artificial sweeteners are safe for consumption, but only in moderate quantities. A healthy option for breakfast is scrambled eggs (white portion) and a banana.


The lunch should comprise foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. During pregnancy, it’s normal to suffer from incredible hunger pangs, which is why the consumption of healthy dishes that are low in fats, is advisable. One should consume fruits and vegetables. Increase the intake of green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, etc., in the meal. Cook foods in nut oils or extra virgin olive oil. You can include chicken, fish, turkey, ham, or beef to the meal. Include a plate of salad containing tofu, soy beans, pulses, peas, and vegetables. Furthermore, apples, guava, pears, prunes, oranges, sweet lime, cantaloupe, berries, and melon are some examples of fruits that are devoid of sugar.


The dinner should be kept light. You can have liquid food in the evening. Prepare delicious soup from pulses, lentils, vegetables, and broth. Such dishes have a high protein content and are healthy. The blood glucose level would be controlled very efficiently, if you consume these foods. Include soy and whey in your diet. Prepare whole wheat tortillas for dinner and eat in small portions. One can alternate with vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals for dinner. Inclusion of all these foods, would definitely make for the 2500 calorie plan. A few more healthy dishes for dinner include sugar-free apple muffins, turkey sandwich, grilled chicken, lettuce soup, and a dish of mixed vegetables. Use minimal oil to cook the foods, and make sure that the cooking oil is devoid of saturated fatty acids. Drink fresh fruit juices. End your day with a glass of warm skim milk.

It would be necessary to control the cravings for sugary foods like jelly, jam, chocolates, candies, cookies, pies, and cakes. However, one can opt for the sugar-free items tagged with ‘for pregnant women affected by diabetes’ in health and wellness stores. White rice and sweetened beverages are absolutely not safe. Eat popcorn, puffed rice, and nuts for snacks.

The consumption of sugar is not allowed in any form in case of diabetics. The aforementioned diet plan if followed religiously, might prove beneficial, and help you stay healthy during pregnancy.


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